Argumentative Essay On American Immigrants

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Americans view themselves as competitors with immigrants. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t something that the working class needs to fear. An increase in immigration will, in turn, raise the earnings of Hispanic women by 1.1 percent and for men, 2.25 percent. Immigrants are viewed as job stealing-low lives that migrate to America and put native-born American’s out of jobs when the truth is they are taking the jobs that nobody would want. Immigrants are taking labor-intensive jobs because these are the ones that are available, and these spots are vacant because they are not necessarily desirable jobs.
Instead of taking jobs from American’s, many immigrants are actually making their own. 7.5 percent of immigrants are self-employed. This means that if the U.S. continues to allow immigrants in, there will be about 600,000-840,000 of them who are self-sufficient. Immigrants are not only creating jobs for themselves, but they are creating jobs for the American people, too. The 2010 American Community Survey explains, “…there were 900,000 small-business owners among current immigrants – close to 18 percent all incorporated business owners.” Many Americans tend to disregard the entrepreneurial nature of immigrants; and this leads to underground business. There are 8 million
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Having people willing to work for low pay in hard conditions allows employers to ignore the consequences of failing to train their employees and it also allows them to spend less money on suitable working conditions. This should not reflect back on the immigrants, but their employer who should care more about human rights than the money that they save by hiring illegal immigrants. Also, with this many people coming in, America will have to spend more on security monitoring. Although this will be a hassle in the beginning, it will be exactly what the country needs in order to further its national

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