Illegal Immigration In America Essay

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What is America today? America is a booming country that is made up of people from many origins. When America first started out, it was a nation of people seeking better life opportunities. In their country, they could not voice their opinions freely without consequences. Therefore, it is well known that America is diverse in every single way. Recently, there have been a lot of issues that the country has been facing. Over the years, immigration has become a big issue to the American way of life. Our country is split up between legalizing illegal immigrants that are in our country or kicking them out of the country. Legal immigration is when someone has legal documentation to be a part of the United States. Illegal immigration alludes to the “migration of people across national borders in a way that violates the immigration law of the destined country (“Immigration Statistics”).” Even though illegal immigration is against our country’s laws, it has a positive effect on the United States’ economy.
Within the recent decade or so, there has been a constant nationwide
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There is an estimated amount of twelve million illegal immigrants in America, and about eight million of them are estimated to have a job (“Immigration Issues”). With so many illegal people in the country, the number of available jobs in the United States for citizens is affected. Even though illegal immigrants in America take available jobs, the undocumented workers are not on government records. So, when tax time comes around, legal immigrants get their federal or state returns, while illegal immigrants do not. With so many aliens moving to America, America’s economy starts to boost because the illegal immigrants take most of the unwanted jobs, which helps our economy grow. Recent studies show that in a ten-year span, legalizing undocumented immigrants will bring in an influx of one 1.5 trillion dollars in gross domestic product

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