The Negative Effects Of Graffiti Art

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People have always been very expressive through art. An artist 's canvas can be a wide range of material including walls. Teens also express themselves through murals, but this is not always legal. However, if granted permission, people can legally paint onto certain public properties. Art sprayed or scribbled onto walls is known as graffiti. Graffiti art is writing and drawings painted or usually sprayed onto walls or other public surfaces. Graffiti, such as gang signs is sometimes considered vandalism.. However, some graffiti art is expresses controversial topics in a very beautiful way. Teens and pre-adults, with some adults, have always been the main source of graffiti art, but why? Graffiti art has been around for a long time and the …show more content…
Taki was a messenger who used a marker to write his name wherever he went. His works appeared primarily on subway trains. He was interviewed in 1971 by the New York Times. This sudden spot light gave the kids of the day the idea of wanting to get notoriety as well. Graffiti on subway trains soon exploded as it became a competition to see who could put their names as in many places as possible ("Graffiti History"). This sudden rise in popularity of graffiti was primarily involved with teenagers and young adults. Each kids’ works displayed their own personality and style. The kids of New York made it almost a race to spread their name and do so in the most unique and stylistic way. This actually became known as the “style wars.” This continued until around the 1980s. Heightened security was then placed in subways and around public property. Around this time, one of the most famous graffiti artists became notorious for his controversial works of art; his street name was Banksy and this is was all he was called by because still to this today his name is unknown. However, more recently the police are becoming more understanding of the art, shown in a newspaper …show more content…
Some graffiti artists put a lot of time and thought into their pieces. The people of society could honestly learn from the artwork shown on the side of subways and down alleys. One very well known graffiti artist known simply as Banksy has caused quite a stir in the UK ever since the 1980s. His works of art show his true feelings about very controversial topics in society. They also depict the extreme authority placed on graffiti artists during the time. Although some of his artwork can be lighthearted and funny, most of it is serious and shows society through his

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