High School Dropout Solutions

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High school is one of the most vital phases adolescents travel through on their journey to adulthood. Leaving this section of life incomplete by dropping out of high school is an extreme mistake that will haunt that person for the rest of his/her life. These people will suffer staggering economic issues, affect the country negatively, and jeopardize their future. Some may say that completing high school is an irrelevant task, yet that line of thinking is false and has destroyed lives. The best option for students in this day and age is to complete all of their education in order to fully experience life.
The economic issues a dropout will face because of their incomplete education outweighs any sort of positive outcome dropping out may
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The unfortunate news is that “only 21 states in the US require students to attend high school until they are 18 or earn a diploma”, which leaves the other 29 states with students who drop out at a young and naive age where they cannot comprehend how much damage that the decision they are making is going to cause them in the long run (DoSomething.org, num. 11). These teens cannot foresee how this decision will enable many new obstacles to pop up in their future. These people are likely to have a “shorter lifespan” because the job they do manage to find will not provide health insurance to a high school dropout (Campbell, sec. 4). Dropouts will also be unable to follow the career they truly desire because they will not be able to pursue higher education. In fact, “most universities and trade schools require students to have a diploma before they are accepted into a program” (Campbell, sec. 2). Any chance of these people following the career path they long for is slim if they drop out of high school. Becoming a high school dropout effects a person to the absolute end of their days. Some employers strip away benefits if one does not have his/her diploma. One such benefit is “retirement pensions” (Campbell, sec. 2). Without this additional asset, dropouts will need to work late into their years to keep sustaining …show more content…
The number of dropouts has skyrocketed since the end of the second World War. The United States “had the #1 high school graduation rate in the world” during this time period, however, the country has now fallen to the 22nd ranking out of “27 industrialized nations” (DoSomething.org, num. 7). The percentage of dropouts has steadily grown over the decades, and in turn, has affected the ranking of the United States’ in education compared to the rest of the industrialized world. Dropping out of school also leads to an “increased likelihood of poverty” and sequentially, a life “susceptible to crime and possibly substance abuse”, which creates the next issue of incarceration (Campbell, sec. 5). Incarceration and the prison system is paid for by taxes brought in by the people of the nation, so with “40 percent of all incarcerated 16 to 24-year-olds in the United States” being high school dropouts, a lot of avoidable taxes is being paid for by the citizens of the U.S (Campbell, sec. 5). Taxes is also affected by dropouts who are not in the prison system of the country. These dropouts will not be able to find as well-paying jobs as their graduating counterpart, so their lower income will result in lower taxes revenue. As stated by Sandra Campbell of Demand Media, “the loss of revenue resulting from the lowered income of these students impacts many state and

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