The Negative Effects Of Domestic Violence On Children

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Bob Keeshan, acted as a renowned character in Captain Kangaroo, once said that “parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent”(Under the Influence, Wikipedia). Parents are considered our first best friends and ones who we grow up with. We eat, sleep, and play with them; thus, we learn and try to mimic their actions. From a young age, we are taught that parents are always right and we should always obey them. However, there is one action that happens in several households which might impose a negative impression of women on children: domestic violence. If this continues, children will assume that it is a norm …show more content…
A healthy childhood is defined as a child doing things that make him/her happy without any barriers or sorrows. As the objection paragraph stated, people believe that children do not own the ability to remember certain events because their brain is not as developed as adults (Gregory 1). However, if an incident is severe enough, which domestic violence is, then it can affect children to a great extent. A healthy environment requires a secure home without any domestic violence (Behind the Closed Doors). For example: on the 5th of June, a child, aged 6, finally screamed loudly to get the attention of the police officers because his mother getting beaten was becoming a regular issue in the house (Norman 2). That clearly proves that children as young as six even remembers and understands the situation that causes pain to their parents, be it their father or mother. Reasons, such as women having a higher income or position, can lead to inferiority complex in men and therefore domestic violence/ assaults are emerging as a bigger issue- leading to increased social tension. However, that is not a valid enough reason to torture a woman and ruin one’s childhood. The fact that a couple has a child should be a good enough reason for them to avoid domestic violence in the house. However, there should be posters in accessible places such as public transportations about the effects it has on children’s mental and physical wellbeing so that parents can at least be aware of the

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