The Negative Effects Of Divorce

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Divorce is, unfortunately, a common occurrence for married couples. When a married couple makes the tough decision to divorce, they have many issues to address. If a couple has children they will not only be dealing with legal issues but will be thinking about their children and the affects the divorce will have on them. A parent with a caring parenting style will remember to put the best interests of their children before their own. Some of the concerns for the children are the short term effects, long term effects, and what some of the risks could be during the divorce process.
Parents play an important role managing negative effects during the first two years after a divorce. Children will need much support from both parents at this time
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Boys and girls express their feelings differently. Boys become more rebellious and have aggressive behavior. Girls become more anxious and start to become withdrawn. Younger children may become even more dependent on parents by starting bed wetting again and not doing simple tasks, by doing this they are trying to get closer to their parents. Older children have a harder time because of not being able to participate in after-school activities or sports due to less money and time. They have academic difficulties; lower grades, and dropping out of school. Some positive things to focus on are the negative feelings do fade away after time and most children adjust to their new life in about two years. If a child is agreeable and adapts easily to different situations; then she or he usually adjusts better to …show more content…
Parents should agree on visitation and custody, understand that children need predictability, and keep your children out of parent conflicts. Children need relationships with both parents and adjust better to the divorce if their parents adjust well to it. Most children of divorce show resiliency rather than dysfunction. The gender and age of the children can be a factor on the risks involved in divorce. Boys may be more at risk because mothers are usually awarded custody. The absence of a male role model makes it difficult for boys to adjust to divorce. Girls are most likely to get married early, have children early, and get divorced. Younger children may blame themselves and dream about their parents getting back together. Adolescents may repress their feelings about parents’ divorce and have problems in the process of starting relationships themselves. The more the parents have conflict the greater risk for children to experience emotional conflict. In a low-conflict marriage which problems are not noticeable, the children are unlikely to know of anything seriously wrong. These children are the hardest hit with divorce. One of the most important factors in reducing the risks on children is the quality of parenting they

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