Divorce Has A Negative Effect On Children Essay

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The estimated number on children annually affected by divorce is at least 1,000,000 children per year and since then the percentage of women who have been divorced has continued to rise. Every year, more than a million children are at risk and they are suffering from their parents’ divorce (Fagan &Churchill, 2012). Although divorce benefits some individuals it has greater harm on them. Divorce results in a catastrophe not only for the partners but the children too and they may never fully recover from it. Divorce is a worldwide issue that has major negative effects on children and their relationships with their families. Furthermore, divorce triggers severe damage on children and society. Divorce has a long-term effect on children family-wise …show more content…
Having family relationships plays an important role in every individual is life. Reliable evidence shows that the parent-child relationship has a long-term negative effect (Grundy, 2005; Daatland, 2007; Stuchbury, 2007; Kalmijin, 2008). Children with divorced parents stay in contact with them around four times a month. Staying in contact with parents precludes isolation and violent behavior. Additionally, twenty percent of children do not stay in contact with their fathers after the divorce takes place (Kelly & Emery, 2003). The decrease in contact between parents and children at a young age also affects the frequency of contacts between them as adults. 40% of the parent-child relationships are damaged after divorce (Fagan &Churchill, 2012). In fact, after the divorce the mother have to work long hours and suffer from task overload (Amato, 1993). According to Amato and Gilbreth (1999) they discovered that children resulted in better circumstances when their fathers got involved in their lives and aided them. In addition, when fathers provided emotional support, their time and the best limits and expectations. Parenting is extremely important and it is a major part in the children’s lives. Divorce and separation outcomes in overprotective parents with low supervision and harsh discipline. Family plays a huge role in the children’s life and it provides them with financial and emotional

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