The Aging Population

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Aging Population
The society is without doubt getting older. Human are mortal beings and they cannot evade from aging and death. It is the cycle of our world, where the old ones are being replace by the young ones. Although we always anticipate of getting older, getting older does not always mean for the better. The society now view old age as tragedy, a burden, something that should not be anticipated. What does it truly mean to grow old and why does it matter?
The process of aging is basically a physiological process of change. The appearance of young and old people are easily distinguishable. Growing old can be both good and bad process. The good thing would be that you are able to experience pretty much anything. While the bad side would
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Although this is not something easy to deal with that issue. So, how exactly should we do to deal with aging and dependency in this youth-oriented, independent culture? Aging comes with many challenges. Being independent is very important in our cultures and with aging, they have lost their ability to live independently with their diminished physical ability and age discrimination. As people enter old ages, they face ageism, which involves stereotyping and discrimination against the elderly. With elderly losing their physical ability, they are forced to be dependent on caregivers, which increases their risk of elder abuse. One of the few things that we could do with dealing these issues is to give the elderly opportunities to contribute to the society. If the elderly is not being given any opportunities to do work, it will become their habit to become dependent to other people. The change actually lies within the elderly themselves, if they have the will to keep living independently or …show more content…
Our attitude in this independent oriented society is that we are a little overboard in dealing with our personal business and we are looking down on those who are dependent. These kinds of attitude can be called as discrimination towards the elderly. Lastly, the solution lies in the government itself. The government have a very important role in helping the elderly and with the help of government, it could actually makes them more dependent. The government should give the elderly free healthcare insurance and retirement money so that they could live independently, not relying on other

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