The Negative Effect Of The Migration On Western European Countries

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Everyday, thousands of migrants and refugees from Eastern Europe flood into western European countries. Most of these invaded countries, such as Hungary, Italy, and many others can not easily accommodate the migrants’ simple plea for help. The sudden influx of individuals and families flowing across borders from war torn countries is causing tension and unrest among all affected countries. Although some of the unaffected countries may not think much of the migrant problem, recently released statistics show that it could prove to be a bigger problem than they believe. The negative effects on the economy, nationalistic moral, and the new creation of policies by western European governments support the claim that the increasing amount of immigrants flooding into European countries is having a negative effect.
As the number of migrants entering western European countries increases, the economy of these affected countries begins to feel the effects and suffer as a result of the sudden increase in population. Some people believe that problems in Europe will not affect any other countries that are not experiencing a great influx of refugees. To all of those naysayers, answer this question: Is your country self-sustaining or is it dependent upon another country? Money makes the world go round but not when a country’s only option is to funnel the aforementioned money into it’s own emergency aid programs.
Since the issue of the European migrant crisis is still relatively new, no one…

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