The Consequences Of Immigration To The United States

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Although immigration has not necessarily been a priority for the United States it is still an issue that needs to be dealt with in order for our country to continue to thrive with as little amount of consequences. Yes, I understand that people want to live the “American dream”, but it should be done through the legal process for one’s self to better their future as well give back to our country. I believe that the United States immigration policies cause a great amount of negative consequences to the country in regards to the economy and jobs. Undocumented immigrant are also taking advantage of services given to the public, therefore the policies should be stricter in order to decrease the amount of present and future illegal immigrants in the United States.

Research and studies have found that throughout the past decade there has been an increased amount of money put into enforcing the border and improving it. The Border Control has quadruped the usage of financial cost, which in the early 1990s they used $750 million to the early 2000s $3.8 billion was spent (Cornelius, 2005).
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But they do not see the negative consequences they are causing not only for themselves but to their own communities who are legally here. They are competing with each other for jobs making it difficult for the legal immigrants to find work because the undocumented immigrants have already been hired. Undocumented immigrants are also benefitting from the services that the United States is not allowed to deny them such as having access to medical care and their children being able to attend public schools for free. “Which eventually they will be able to benefit from food stamps, cash welfare and disability benefits” (Orrenius & Zavodny, 2012). In which citizens pay taxes in order for those services to be given to the public (Matloff, 1996)

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