The Needs Of The Poor, Sick And Hungry Essay

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The needs of the poor, sick and hungry have always been an important issue throughout history, even before America. Countries all over the world have tried different programs to provide individuals with the help they needed to survive. However, the United States did not establish a program to help families in unfortunate circumstances until hardship hit the whole country. Before the government stepped in to help, contributions were merely volunteer based, mainly through churches and communities. Once the President set a plan in place the majority of people started to have a better overall way of life.
Public assistance by the government in the United States officially started in the 1930’s. According to the authors of the text book, We The People, the finical downfall, brought on by the Great Depression, created an urgent need for a regulated program to help people with their daily needs. (p.403) The misfortune that the country as a whole was experiencing left many citizens without a job or even the potential of a job. Numerous unemployed workers found themselves in a situation where they could no long provide a home or food for their families. John E. Hansan, who has a PhD in social welfare policy from Brandeis University, wrote, “Origins of the State and Federal Public Welfare Programs,” on the social welfare history website. In his entry on the webpage, Hansan proposes that private organizations was the main contributor for providing aid to the hungry, poor, and…

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