Essay about The Needs Of The Healthcare Service

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Overall feedback
You have developed a good proposal which showed an understanding of the needs of the healthcare service. Your idea to give patients control over their own healthcare management is positive, but this presents challenges for commercial viability. I also needed a stronger argument as to why the market identified would need to use a mobile app to manage their health and would be willing to pay for this.

What went well?
You have researched the health market well, using a variety of different sources of data to assess market conditions and potential demand for a healthcare app. The app you are proposing meets a market, or social, requirement for patients to take control of their health and manage long term chronic illnesses. However, you have set yourself a challenge here, as the end user may not necessarily want to, or understand the benefits of, better managing their own health.
You clearly have a good understanding of your potential direct competitors, such as ‘RespondWell’ and ‘patients like me’ and have used this insight to develop some level of differentiation for your SuperMe app.
You are correct to identify that endorsement from professionals, such as Doctors, and other healthcare experts, would increase the credibility, and hopefully the popularity of the app. Rightly, you also point out that credible content would drive customer engagement.
You have considered funding requirements and sources of investment, over a reasonable timescale and set out…

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