The Need For More Than Justice Essay

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The Journal "The Need for More Than Justice" written by Annette C. Baier essentially analyzes Carol Gilligan views on matters of women and justice. Baier also discusses many different other philosophers in her analyzation. Gilligan 's theory goes into depth on how care can be an important factor in a women 's outlook on moral issues and moral development. The very first main idea or topic that 's introduced in the journal article is the care or justice perspective. The perspective basically shows or gives the idea that a person 's gender will determine their outlook. A woman 's outlook would be in the category of a care perspective, one because people always relate women with being nurturing and caring. The man 's outlook would be considered under the justice perspective since people relate men with being objective most of the time. The journal states, that Gilligan 's idea that women are usually more caring and connect more with the care perspective could help support arguments usually made by males, that women should be domestic (Baier, 154). Gilligan argues against Kant 's theory since they contradict her ideas and theories of course. Kant 's theory is women are deficient or inadequate and only does what pleases them most. Which then leads to the research done by Kohlberg. According to the article Kohlberg was influenced by Piaget and the Kantian philosophical tradition (Baier, 155). Basically, Piaget 's idea was that women were deficient when it comes to having a…

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