The Need for Affirmative Action Essay

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Affirmative Action in the words of Louis Fairykhan (humor) Affirmative Action is Necessary for Minorities to be Competitive in the Workplace The audience that I intend to attract are those that are minorities and agree with the idea of affirmative action. The persona that I chose is that of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of The Nation of Islam. I imagine that this is a speech to thousands of African-Americans that agree with Mr. Farrakhan. I appeal to tha emotions of my intended audience because I feel it is a strong tool in writing a good paper. I am notan authority on affirmative action but I feel that I know enough about it to present a good case on the subject. Good day my beautiful brothers and sisters. I'm sure you all know me by now …show more content…
Mr. Brown is obviously an intellectual and brilliant man because he has the last name Brown, which is a good reference to our beautiful chocolate colored skin. Has anyone here ever played dominoes? I'm sure many of you have probably noticed how the domino is assembled. The majority of the domino is black, but the only part of the domino that counts is the little white dots. Does this sound an alarm in the heads of "Black America?" It should. This means that no matter how much that we are in control the white man will always be involved and will somehow deem himself the most important. While the white man will always be involved, we need to take their jobs and help give them to our own people. Affirmative action helps us to help our own. Do not get me wrong my luscious Nubian people. I believe that we are equally qualified if not more qualified for many of the jobs that are being offered in today's "honkey society." In fact I was having a conversation with a "whitey" the other day and she told me of some article that another "whitey" had written. The author of this article said, Affirmative Action does not mean hiring unqualified women or minorities over qualified white male applicannot s, nor does it mean quotas. In fact, hiring somebody solely on the basis of gender without concern for merit is the very definition of discrimination, be it against men or women, whites or minorities. The courts have said

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