The Necklace Thesis

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It has always been since the beginning of time people have worried about what others thought of them. During the time when this story was written wealth and your social class were of the up most importance. People were known in this high class society by their beauty, income, or grace. When Guy de Maupassant (1884) wrote the story “The Necklace” it was right during this time period. This story portrayed a young beautiful woman with big dreams. The problem with her big dreams was she was a simple plain woman with no sense of style. Her husband had an everyday clerk’s job that he enjoyed. The woman in the story on the other hand was not happy with what they had she wanted more out of life. For just one night she had a chance to become someone she had always dreamed of by being invited to a party. The invitation read “The Minister of Public Instruction and Madame Georges Ramponneau request the honor of M. and Madame Lorisel’s company at the palace of the Ministry on Monday evening, January 18th” …show more content…
Society prevents people from seeing the difference from what they need in life and what they want to have in life. In this case it jeopardized a beautiful woman’s future with her family and her social standing. Her insecurity has come at a huge price for her and the family. The necklace is a symbol that teaches a lesson that most people never learn in their life. The moral of this story to be told is that to envy someone else for something they have first a person must realize what they have. No matter how beautiful Mathilde looked on the outside that night at the ball with her new dress and jewelry she was still just as fake as that necklace on the inside. Mathilde proved in this story as did the necklace that pride and envy can destroy the very foundation that an individual has built their life

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