The Necklace From A Marxist Prospective Essay

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The Necklace
I will analyze section six of the Necklace from a Marxist prospective. My purpose is to show the graduation of Mrs. Loisel from a lady of leisure to a worker. To do so I will be giving ideas that help support the Marxist view’s that are within the story. The ideas of class struggle, shame, spectacle and envy and his ideology of what Marx called the “workers rebellion”. Here is a brief overview of what Marist theories and ideas are.
Marxism is the philosophy of a German philosopher who felt that the world is fueled by class structure. You have on one side the rich and on the other side the poor or the workers as Marx would call them. He felt that the world was ran by the workers but was unfortunately ran by the rich. The idea of the rich getting richer and always winning and the poor getting poorer and always losing. With that philosophy he created within them a class structure and categories of the structure were class shame, envy, spectacle and struggle. The next few paragraphs will focus on these ideas that are within certain quotes inside the story of the Necklace.
The first quote I will focus on represents the class ideas of Marxism within this section of the story. “But sometimes, when her husband was at the office she would seat herself before the window and think of that evening party of former times, of the ball where she was once beautiful and so flattered”. This quote shows an example of three of the class ideas of Marx. Class shame is shown because…

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