The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant is translated from French to English by John Siscoe.This story , as the title suggests, focuses on the necklace. As the necklace is given the symbolism of wealth , royalty, friendship, self respect and at last a ornament. Mathilde Loisel, young and married, has felt that she has attracted men at the ball and has relieved her wish of being rich by wearing dress and a “diamond” necklace. The Necklace has situational Irony.
As for many humans being rich is all it matters to give them happiness. That was the same case for Mathilde Loisel. As she was young and beautiful she had always wished to be rich. “Believing that she had been born to enjoy every refinement and luxury, she suffered deeply” ( De Maupassant 172 ). Mathilde Loisel believed in a trend that if you are beautiful then you must be rich. And she was very disappointed with herself as she wasn’t rich. Her husband is clerk in the Department of Education. They both live a middle class life. One day Monsieur Loisel, her husband, brings an envelope and present it to Mathilde Loisel.
Surprisingly envelope had an invitational card inviting couple to a luxury party called the ball. This was the party Mathilde Loisel always wanted to attend. They were also going to meet some officials from Minister of Education. “ Instead of being thrilled, as her husband had hoped, she scornfully tossed the invitation onto the table” ( Maupassant 173 ). Reason Mathilde Loisel was not excited about the…

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