The Necklace And The Lottery Essay

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How Authors Use Setting and Style to Show the Characters Real Personalities in “The Necklace" and “The Lottery” The story “the Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant reflects on the life of a girl named Mathilde. The turn of events in Mathilde 's life helps in the construction of the plot. Initially she is portrayed as a young and attractive girl with the fantasies of living a lavish life by getting married wealthy man. However she ends up in a desolate state, after getting married to a clerk in the ministry of education. Indeed, their family led a poor life to the point that her husband cannot cater for her party dress and decoration. The turning point of events is when Mathilde is forced to pay for the fake diamond necklace belonging to Madame Forestier. In the end she ends up paying with all her life, she becomes too old for her age and gets even poorer. As such, the flow of events in Mathilde’s life is explicitly highlighted by the author’s integration of literary skills in the development of the story in a bid to entice the reader, while in The Lottery, the author uses the story to elicit the general human nature with regard to morality as reflected by the lottery events.

Firstly, in “The Necklace,” the setting upon which the story is conducted serves to illustrate the theme of social stratification. Whereas Mathilde and her husband struggle to make ends meet, her friend Madame Forestier is a wealthy woman. As such, the discrepancy between Mathilde 's’ social life is…

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