The Necessity Of The Honeybee Essay

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In order to understand the necessity of the honeybee, one must know their function in the agricultural industry today. The process that agriculturalists must take to produce a quality crop would not be possible, in many cases, without the use of a pollinator, such as a honeybee. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), “U.S. honeybees pollinate about 100 flowering food crops… responsible for more than $15 billion in increased crop values each year” (Honey). This means that if the consumer wants anything from an almond to a zucchini, they most likely would not have that product available to them without the honeybee. Flowering plants need some way to transfer pollen from one flower to another in order for reproduction and fruit production to occur. In nature, this can be achieved through factors like wind. However, the most efficient way for a plant to spread pollen is for another organism to touch the stamen of one flower and then transfer trace pollen particles to the stigma of another flower to allow for fertilization. A variety of organisms can be used to achieve this such as hummingbirds or butterflies. The honeybee has proved to be the most cost effective and manageable of these time and time again (Silence). Without the honeybee, the agricultural world would not be able to produce the fruits and vegetables that are an absolute necessity in the human diet. Because honeybees are so necessary, any major changes to their population can have a…

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