The Necessity Of God 's Grace Essay

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What is man that you are mindful of him? Or the son of man that you visit him? The grace of God is the love of God in action. It is the favor of God reaching out to save those who could not save themselves. Why then is this necessary? Why would God set a standard that we could not meet? How then can we have fellowship with Him? What can we expect of life in this fellowship? These are the questions answered in the study of the necessity of God’s grace.
We must understand the nature of ourselves. The creation of God was perfect. I believe that it was in the design of God for man to enjoy the life God had given him. Thus man was created with desires and needs for the purpose of producing joy in their fulfillment. Darkness is not a substance in and of itself. Just as darkness is the absence of light so sin is the expression of self in the absence of God’s holiness. It is the natural, God given, condition that a man desires sexual satisfaction. But, without the order of the Lord, namely, waiting till marriage, it is expressed as fornication. Many of the things we do that could be considered good are done by motivations that are out of context. Imagine a new born child. Everything that the child does is pure expression, from heart to mouth. What this child lacks and will spend its formative years gaining is an understanding of the appropriate avenues and methods of expression.
We must also understand the nature of God. He is called the righteous judge. He is able to judge rightly…

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