The Necessary Evil Of Immigration Essay

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The necessary evil of immigration
Composition 2
Nickolas Cunningham Immigration defies, divides, and unites us as Americans. Very few American citizens can trace their heritage back without finding at some point or another their ancestors integrated into the United States in some shape or form. Throughout our history immigration has brought out strong opinions from within our country, today I will be taking a closer look through the writing of Robert J. Samuelson entitled “The Hard Truth of Immigration” and the writing of David Cole entitled “Five Myths about Immigration”. Both well respected authors give contrasting opinions on the subject of immigration in the United States, providing statistical evidence along with strong opinions throughout their articles. Before I begin to dig into both arguments I would like to express a bias I have on the subject. I have friends who are born of parents who integrated into the United States seeking new opportunities and evading the scourge of war. Two of my friends are proud servicemen of the United States Marine Corp as well as college students at Iowa State University, my other friend recently graduated from Iowa State. So bluntly speaking I am very much for allowing people from across the world to immigrate to the United States of America. In “The Hard Truth of Immigration” Mr. Samuelson argues that as a nation we need through our best efforts control the flow of immigration into our country. His primary focus is on Mexican…

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