The Nazis And The Nazi Party Essays

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During the Holocaust, the Nazi Party was able to successfully convince all the Germans of the idea of eliminating all Jews. The mass murder of the Jews requires lots of strategic manipulation by the Nazis, in order for the Jews to be eliminated without much protest. In the reading Night , we have a glimpse of the both physical and psychological techniques used by the Nazis to influence the Jew 's behavior and reasoning, while they were imprisoned in Auschwitz. Ultimately, the Nazis wanted to have total control over the Jews and attempted various techniques to achieve this goal. However, these techniques were only effective in controlling the Jews ' behavior because controlling their minds was impossible. One major reason why the Nazis were able to control the Jews’ behavior was simply because they had the weapons and the power to harm the Jews; this cause fear among the Jews. Having these resources available creates hysteria among the Jews, which is one of the techniques that the Nazis used. In Night, we have a glimpse of how the SS guard terrorizes the Jews once they arrive at the concentration camp. An SS guard says, "Remember it always...Here, you must work. If you don 't you will go straight to the chimney” (Wiesel 38). Can you imagine being told that you will be burned alive if you don 't obey and work in the concentration camp? This would be a terrible nightmare come true; it 's unimaginable. This is why Elie Wiesel and others feel “chills down [their] spines”…

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