The Nazi Party Essay

1849 Words Nov 18th, 2014 8 Pages
1930’s Germany was a dark place. They had been hit hard by the depression. Millions were starving and without work. Germany’s epic defeat of WWI still loomed in the forefront of everyone’s mind. The German people at this time lacked economic stability and a government they had faith in. These calamitous circumstances made it possible for Hitler to ride into power on a white stallion, appearing to be the lesser of the two evils. Hitler was ready and willing to whisper sweet nothings into the desperate ears of the German people. Lulling their fears away and promising prosperity. When in office, Hitler quickly established his dictatorship. He appropriated control over the German government, police, media, education, culture and biomedical community. Hitler used all of these channels to promote the ideals of the Nazi party. The biomedical community played a huge role in helping Hitler establish a society of total domination. The Hippocratic Oath lies in ruin during the Third Reich. Physicians, doctors, and the nurses no longer bound by this oath, the oath to protect and preserve life. During this Reich they were bound by something far more sinister. These accredited nurses and physicians were bound by the ideals of the fatherland. They were ordered to cure Germany of a disease that had been plaguing the country for years, the Jews. Under Hitler’s order these physicians, doctors and, nurses committed many heinous acts under the euphemism, cleansing the “Aryan ethic community.” It…

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