The Nazi Party Of The Nazis Essay

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In the beginning of WWII when Adolf Hitler and his fascist party of the Nazis came to power in Germany, they used what would become to be a major issue that would still have an effect on society today. The Nazis used discrimination and prejudice against Jews known as anti-semitism, because he thought they were the cause of Germany’s problems during their economic hardships and the reason for Germany’s defeat in WWI. Hitler wanted more living space for “Aryans” which were people of purely North Western European descent with blonde hair and blue eyes because he wanted to create a “perfect” Germany where everyone was superior than the rest. Jews became the main targets of the Nazis because they believed that if they created an enemy to blame for their problems then the people would agree and give the Nazis a better chance to win power over Germany. The Nazis believed using discrimination and prejudice was an advantage and strength, as it would bring the German people closer, resulting to Jews becoming scapegoats due to having the German people believe Hitler and put blame on them for everything that was going wrong in the Country. When Hitler won the election on March 5, 1933 he established what would become to known as concentration camps as he wanted to kill jews in bigger amounts and in a confined area instead of for searching them for long periods of time. Camps were an essential part of the Nazis ' systematic oppression and mass murder of Jews, political opponents, and…

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