Essay about The Nazi Party, And Hitler 's New Laws

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An extent of nationalism can only be pursued by nations or countries when the effects of their nationalism does not harm any other nation or country; if that point is reached, or conducting a systematic way of reaching that point, it is called ultranationalism, an extreme form of nationalism. The image depicts Nazi soldiers posting a sign on a Jewish store, indicating “Germans! Defend Yourselves! Don’t Buy In Jewish Shops!”. The image portrays the rule of the Nazi in Germany, and the early effects of the Holocaust, and Hitler’s new laws. The law that is represented in that image portrays the Nuremberg Laws, that deprived the common rights and freedom of the Jewish people in Germany. The image also depicts the attitude that was targeted towards the Jewish people, showcasing the effects of Hitler’s Nazi Party, and the ultranationalist attitudes that was represented during that time. With the Holocaust being known as genocide that was evolved around crimes against humanity, it isn 't the only one. Many genocides have led to the pursuit of ultranationalism through the thirst for security and safety, economic and political prosperity; that have also lead to crimes against humanity in situations of the Holodomor, the Rwandan genocide, and the Holocaust. In conclusion, the ultranationalism acts should only be taken to an extent, that it does not lead to harmful acts of other nations, such as the the crimes against humanity were taken in Ukraine, Germany, and Rwanda for…

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