The Nazi Occupation Of Poland Essay

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“There were no crowds shouting Heil Hitler . . . people were scared of the future” -Albert Speer on Berlin after the attack on Poland. Adolf Hitler had struck fear into millions of Polish-Jews and other groups of people that he targeted when he ordered the invasion of Poland. Germany 's occupation of Poland was one of the darkest parts of World War II (WWII). Around six million people, almost 18 percent of the Polish population, were killed during Nazi occupation. The scene of Poland from 1939 to 1945 was portrayed as mass executions, forced evictions, and enslavement. Poland was a tolerant country for the Jews but when Hitler and the Nazis invaded Poland they made Polish citizens and Jews lives miserable by putting them into ghettos and concentration camps, what Polish and Jewish citizens wouldn’t know is that even after liberation they were not completely free.
More than three million Jews lived in Poland before WWII broke out. Many Jews sought refuge in Poland, giving a diverse range of religion and cultural backgrounds from the Jews, making Poland the center of Jewish cultures. A well-developed Jewish press developed newspapers in Polish, Hebrew, and Yiddish. Jews first started coming to Poland because of its tolerance. Jewish hatred started early on, around the mid-1300’s. By the 16th century, many Jews had gone to live in Poland. They identified themselves as Polish citizens, not as their religion. They lived their lives just as any other Polish citizen, and nobody…

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