The Nazi Death Camps: Hitler's Coming To Power

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Adolph Hitler came to power because he shared with the German people the dream he had of a militarily dominant Germany which would be admired by all Europeans countries. However Hitler’s dream also included the genocide of all Jews, Gypsies, and other racial minority groups which he deemed to be inferior to the Aryan race. Hitler used the Jews as an scapegoat by blaming them for the strained economic and political conditions which lead Germany to go to war as a result Jewish people were discriminated against the most. Hitler even had Jews wear the Star of David to isolate them from everyone else and make them an easier target for the Nazi police. In attempts to hide the truth about what really occurred inside the concentration camps, the Nazi regime spread false propaganda portraying the camps as happy places in which Jews could work and live amongst themselves. The grim reality was that in these camps the Jewish population was overworked and starved to death, many of the prisoners where tortured and even tested on by Nazi doctors. The renowned death camp called Auschwitz was one of the most atrocious killing centers of …show more content…
First it started with the law for the protection of German blood and German honor and one of those laws prohibited the marriages between Jews and citizens of Germany or kindred blood. Then more laws like a second decree implementing the law concerning the change of family name of august 17, 1938 and police decree concerning the marking of Jews of September 1, 1941. These new laws made it easier to identify and capture Jewish people living in Germany in order to send them to concentration camps. At the time, Hitler was thinking of different ways to get rid of the Jewish population in Germany. In the book Hitlers Death Camp by Konnilyn Feig it was said

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