The Navajo Code Talkers Essay

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The movie that I chose to analyze is, “Windtalkers”. “Windtalkers” is based upon the Navajo code talkers that helped the U.S during WW2. The Navajo Code talkers were a vital part of the effort in the pacific during WW2, stopping the Japanese from decoding the messages of the United States to its platoons. The Navajo was a secret well kept during the war and help the allies push onward in getting vital parts of the land to ending the war.
During the war, enemies desired to decode and intercept messages during battles in the pacific. The Japanese were well trained in decrypting the Military messages and that is when the Navajo were brought in. The U.S Marine corp enlisted Navajos to have a more secure way of sending and receiving messages without being decoded. Philip Johnston initiated the program. Johnston grew up on a reservation of the Navajo and became familiar with the language. With experience on being a WW1 veteran. Johnston knew the importance of messages being encrypted. In 1942, he brought the idea to the table but was not considered until traveling to San Diego to Camp Elliot. Talking to Major Jones about the idea, Major Jones gave Johnston a chance to show him the concept. Johnston then brought in four Navajo from the Los Angeles to learn the code in two weeks. February 27, 1942, was the day scheduled for Johnston to come back to Camp Elliot to demonstrate the next day. The program after that day was set to be used in action during the war. Johnston not only…

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