The Nature Of The Natural World Essay

2070 Words Sep 29th, 2016 9 Pages
“For a Fungi to Grow, You Must Give It as Mushroom as Possible”

The natural world is typically seen as an unbalanced structure characterized by individual movements of all life whose inclusive path is aimless and in many ways unpredictable.
My perception of nature developed from the idea of lively plants and animals to personal growth, life experiences, to something that is exclusively inconceivable to the human mind. There is merely an upper limit on human capability to understand the laws of nature. Perhaps with time humans may discover new ways of overcoming its limit, being the human mind has a natural desire for complete knowledge. Despite how complex nature seems to be, there have been moments where I felt connected to what I understood nature to be at the time. The pungent smell of California Coastal Sage Bushes has firmly latched onto my memory, shaking bits and pieces of instances where I have experienced a correlation with nature through wild life and personal growth. The sharp smell never fails to pierce through my mind, spilling the past while causing temporary paralysis as I stare into myself. I find this to being more significant at one particular place and the more I enter this state of mind, the more I realize how small I am compared to the universe, it’s a heavenly thought. As a child, my parents routinely made an effort to take trips towards the outskirts of Los Angeles. Isolated areas where insects and animals replaced human beings while trees…

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