The Nature Of Self And Its Impact On The World Essay

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As one rakes through the admittedly small timeline of the human existance, they will find that humans have always insisted that they are the most important lifeforms on this planet in one shape or another. Even religious movements that preach the idea that we are nothing in the grand scheme of things push humans towards the notion that they need to make an impact on the world within their immediate community by living their lives as the best versions of themselves. Through both Self, Society & the Cosmos as well as Paths to the Present courses it can be found that although human motivation for leaving a footprint has changed, the innate desire to leave a legacy behind has not. The human awareness of self and its impact of the world has slowly turned outward throughout the ages and can be tracked through a number of writings that span the course of our existence.

In the beginning of time through early stories such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, humans can be found learning and coping with the idea of their own finite existence. Along with with early middle-eastern teachings, these stories preach the idea of self betterment throughout life for the sake of living a life to the fullest extent. Religion helped humans to cope with the idea of their existence by giving them a goal to work towards that was morally based. The idea of transcendence is introduced in both Christian and Buddhist text; the hope that the best version of human self will find eternal life. As an age of…

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