The Nature Of Project : High School Expansion Essay

745 Words Mar 7th, 2016 3 Pages
The title is short and descriptive. It indicates the nature of project (high school expansion). It also points out the location of the project, which is Shakopee. However, the location could be expressed with more details such as city or township. A possible alternative could be “Shakopee High School Expansion in City of Shakopee.”
1. The brief project description (with a length of 44 words) complies with 50-word limit. It provides the basic nature of the project, which is an expansion project on the existing Shakopee high school. It also provides the characteristic of the expansion part, which is athletic complex. The location is also provided, which is the area south of County Highway 78. However, it would be better if the brief description could include the city or county name. (City of Shakopee, Scott County).
2. A) The response to question 6b is pretty organized and written in a lot details. For example, it starts with the reason and purpose of this project. (The high school’s enrollment this year exceeds its facilities capacity). Then it clearly states the capacity of existing school facilities with a lot of accurate data. (e.g. “The existing high school includes parking for approximately 1,000 cars, 86 busses and includes several outdoor athletic facilities”, p3). The response also states the proposed modifications to existing equipment and facilities including significant demolitions, removal and remodeling of existing structures. (e.g. “The expansion will result in…

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