The Nature Of Place And Sense Of Planet : A Social Movement And An Establishment Of Contemporary Vocabulary

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The purpose of this paper is to examine and demonstrate the historical progression of environmental movements in North America. This paper will compare literary works of Ursula Heise and and other authors as they discuss the advancement of environmentalism as a social movement and an establishment of contemporary vocabulary. It will also analyze artists ' reactions to the changing world in form of song lyrics and the way the music was presented to the public. First, I will discuss Heise 's book Sense of Place and Sense of Planet: Environmental Imaginations of The Global, analyzing her argument as it relates to the topic of environmental progression. Second, I will interpret four keywords discusses by various authors, as this terminology reflects back to Heise 's discourse. Finally, I will demonstrate how artists ' music mirrored changes in environmental issues and how these movements followed in the same time-line discussed by Heise. This paper argues analytical ideas about environmentalism are directly related to the interpretation of music as it relates to the recognition of changing environmental trends throughout the 1960 's to the present day.
Sense of Place and Sense of Planet In Heise 's work Sense of Place and Sense of Planet, she discuses the historical unfolding of environmental movements, primary in North America (1960-present), as she contains a focused interest of the United States.1 Early environmentalism combined utopian visions of…

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