Essay about The Nature Of Natural Life

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Natural Life
Humans are only known to exist upon Earth. From the beginning of time, life has evolved upon our planet. The vast Oceans of our world were only known as one. The lands came to exist among this ocean, further dividing it until there were not one but seven Oceans. It is from these expanses of water that life came to be upon Earth. From the sea, they evolved and thrived upon land. Their lives are dependent upon surviving nature. Their abilities to live within nature upon Earth are incomparable. They thrive among each other; they are dependent upon each other to maintain the endless circle of life. As a human, often, one may ponder over the thoughts of an animal. I wonder what this creature would verbally say if I were to scoop it up and bring it home? However, we perceive the animal is not capable of such thoughts. They do not have intellectual conversations over the gravitational lensing. Nor do they appear to even come close to the level of knowledge which humans have acquired. Therefore why do they exist upon the Earth? Furthermore, if they are so primitive in comparison to us, why do they still exist at all? In essence, over the past 2000 years, they human race has collected an incomparable amount of knowledge. We have accomplished technology hundreds of times more advanced than any other life form. Yet, we are the people in danger of losing our existence. We are the ones who must imagine a world without the resources the Earth has offer.
Our flaw includes…

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