The Nature Of Motivation And Motivation Essay

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1. The Nature of Motivation, Explain what motivation is and why managers need to be concerned about it

Intrinsically motivated behavior : the motivation comes from doing the work for its own sake. Extrinsically motivated behavior : the behavior is based on the rewards (social or material), not from the behavior itself. If people perform high they will expect to receive certain outcomes. Prosocially motivated behavior, Prosocially motivated behavior is behavior that is performed to benefit or help others. Behavior can be prosocially motivated in addition to being extrinsically and/or intrinsically motivated. And, Altruistic Prosocial (Robinson) - Actions specific to helping others done wholly without the expectancy of benefit or reward. Does this include the thought of the individual of ‘Doing something good’.

Motivation is one of the main concerns when advising highly skilled people, workers or artisan types. Compensation or extrinsic motivation is a reward based principle, coming in many forms. From genuine praise, sales, raises to fans to lucrative deals and publishing considerations (Tv, commercials and film). People like to know they are valued. This is a basic animal instinct. These all play into a technology based organizations to popular artist, label or major independent label or groups thought processes. Compared to Intrinsic motivation, which may be explained in a few words, A love for the music, A love for technology or just a love for the work. But does…

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