The Nature Of Hurricanes

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Yaroslav Herin
Sociology 315
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Extra Credit Paper.

Hurricanes are the most devastating acts of nature, they come and go, but leave us with destruction death and chaos. Hurricanes are very random and are now easier to predict thanks to new technology. Still in this day of time we can track hurricanes and we can tell how strong a certain hurricane is but we cannot stop them or redirect them. If a strong hurricane is predicted to come our only option is to evacuate. This shows us how vulnerable we are and how every aspect of our normal life can change drastically with one deadly hurricane, just as it did in Eric Larson’s, Isaacs Storm.
Unlike in Isaac’s time where the only inventions that forecasters and weather prediction bureau
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These satellites circle our orbit and measure weather patterns, they take pictures of things out of the ordinary and send them back to Earth for a much more careful analysis by experts. This provides a rather planned out data of weather around the world. This data is than stored in super computer’s which run complex algorithms which predict possible weather storms. These super computers are known to perform 213 trillion operations per second. Hurricanes are then sorted through five categories, five being the most devastating with winds speeds greater than 155 miles per hour and category one being less powerful with winds ranging from 39mph- 56mph. Still, both hurricanes being very dangerous. The national hurricane center (NHC) is located in Miami Florida. This is one of the few places where the whole operation of predicting where the next hurricane might occur takes place. Unlike tornadoes that are very hard to predict because they are so localized and small, hurricanes are easier to predict because they are large weather systems that form usually over oceans and take time to hit …show more content…
We now know that hurricanes are made in temperatures where the water is at least eighty degrees Celsius with moist air and convergent equatorial winds present. Also knowledge of the storms structure is now better understood. For example the eye is the hurricanes lowest pressure center. It is the center of the hurricane. The area surrounding the eye is called the eye wall. This area is known to have very high winds. The bend and rotation of the hurricane is made possible by the Coriolis force. The Coriolis force is a natural phenomenon that spins free moving objects clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. Because of the strong spin the hurricanes direction get’s affected, instead of going on a straight path the hurricane path is curved either slightly left or right depending on the location. Although hurricanes are not living things they most certainly resemble living bodies of motion. Hurricanes have lifecycles which consist of time’s when the hurricane is strongest and weakest. Interesting to say Hurricanes even have their own type of fuel which they need in order to last, which is warm moist air. In the 1900 when Galveston, Texas was hit by a major hurricane the Weather Bureau that existed was far less educated about hurricanes. The weather bureau was an organization that had just started. Without experience and the lack of

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