Essay about The Nature Of Humanity 's Awareness

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Humanity’s awareness is attributable to a physical existence that allows him or her to hear, see, touch, smell and in general experience life. A memory bank or consciousness full of a lifetime’s dreams and desires some that came to fruition while some did not. All the while, he or she acquires knowledge during their physical journey here on earth. People are born, they live and experience their life, and then they die. Once death occurs, is a material existence all humanity has and is there nothing that survives physical death? Perhaps there is in fact a vital force or consciousness that precedes and surpasses physical life. Although materialism does not acknowledge such a claim as there is no awareness besides what the physical body supports. There is however, support for continuance past the grave, which is an endorsement of a survival hypothesis where his or her consciousness endures past death (Peterson, et al., Philosophy of Religion, p. 493). It is what H. H. Price refers to as a dream-like state; where images originating from physical human experience both positive and negative including those not brought to realization determine his or her afterlife existence (Ibid). Although there are two perspectives, one being the material realm as the only true existence and conversely, there is in fact an essence dwelling within a human body that survives death, the latter makes a convincing case that humanity is much more than the sum of their body parts and their…

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