On Dumpster Diving Rhetorical Analysis

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Although the nature of homelessness is uncommon for the American population in modern society, the reality of the homeless is depicted clearly in On Dumpster Diving. In Lars Eighner’s text, he is effectively able to describe some of her personal experiences and opinions on the types of scavengers present in his community. Towards the end of the text, Eighner also begins to describe his motivation to make the middle-class of the population aware of their materialistic attachments. Moreover, he is able to effectively transmit his message of materialism in the US by using multiple rhetorical devices.
Throughout the text, Eighner frequently uses ethos to establish himself as a credible source to appeal the audience to his purpose. To describe
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Throughout the article, Eighner explains his strategies in the act of scavenging, but he also includes multiple personal encounters. In paragraph sixty-two and sixty-three of On Dumpster Diving, Eighner claims that observing humanity from the other side of a dumpster can be filled with despair (Language of Composition 428). The author claims that he often finds pieces of trash that tell stories of heartbreak, anger, love, and aging based on what each Dumpster contains. Towards the end of the selection, Eighner goes further in-depth about his personal feelings towards materialism. Although he states that he finds attraction in items of current use, the author states that he feels sorrow for “the rat-race millions who have confounded their selves with objects they grasp” (Language of Composition 430). In spite of this, Eighner believes he is in a healthy state of mind and is able to contain his past sentimental feelings. The author uses parts of his text like the examples above to connect to the audience on a personal level. Although Eighner appeals to the audience with ethos and logos, his use of pathos is what allows readers to connect their similar struggles and suffering to his claim. With his experiences of scavenging, his claim against materialism is justified by the reader

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