The Nature Of Good And Evil Essay

2141 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
The Good and Evil in Our Life People can identity the difference between good and evil based on their nature. According to Samuel Johnson, education gives us the power to discern or see the good from the bad, and to “prefer” the good. We can see that a good person would volunteer with nonprofit organizations, donate money to charity, stand up for others, and help people without expectations. While an evil person would murder people for their possessions, hurt people, tell lies, take advantage of others, and do theft. The nature of good are doing actions that benefit others, and being selfless. In contrast, the nature of evil are doing actions that have a negative effect on others, and being selfish or greedy. As I reflect on the nature of good and evil from different perspectives, I would reach a conclusion that can help me on this journey to avoid evil and embrace good. There are people who tells lies without knowing that they’re actually committing evil. Socrates suggests that no one would “knowingly pursue misery.” In this case, the government official would tell lies, in order to win the election. In this situation, Socrates points out that the government official is telling a white lie without knowing that this white lie is making the other people miserable. So, when the perpetrator realize he or she has committed evil, they become miserable too. Thus, no one would knowingly pursue misery. Most people believe that nurture plays an important…

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