The Nature Of Free Will Essay

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At first glance it seems obvious that humans have free will. For example, if someone chooses chocolate ice cream over vanilla, it seems intuitive that they made that choice. Determinists, however, raise doubt into whether free will exists. A determinist believes that everything that happens in the universe is predetermined and can 't be changed. According to the determinist, an omniscient being would be able to predict everything that will ever happen just from the current state of the universe. They support this belief with the claim that everything in the world operates under the same strict physical laws, even the human mind. In other words, they see the mind as nothing more than the physical brain. Consequently, the choices a human makes would be regulated under the laws of physics, and no free will would exist. While determinists may have a fairly strong argument, it is very difficult to disprove the self-evident idea of free will. Determinists may be able to raise doubt into free will, but the doubt is not sufficient to overcome the natural human belief in free will. Since neither side can currently be definitively proven, it is necessary to accept that free will is real as the current body of evidence makes it more likely than determinism. At least some of the choices humans make are made freely and humans therefore, have free will.
It is important to note that for free will to exist not all human actions have to be free. Even if there is only one example of free…

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