The Nature Of Animal Domestication Essay

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It has been long since humanity first domesticated animals but if we compare a span of human existence on this planet, to a span of animal domestication, animal domestication is only came in the last several minutes of human existence on this planet. Domestication has 3 stage process, 1st stage is commensalism, 2nd stage is mutualism and 3rd stage is domestication. Both commensalism and mutualism are symbiotic relationship. Symbiotic relationship is defined as – living together with another organism in close association. Commensalism is a relationship that one organism benefits while another organism is unharmed. Mutualism is a relationship that both animal benefits from the association. At the first point of domestication, we were in a relationship with wolves in order to hunt together and wolves increased human chance to hunt more animals also chance to hunt bigger animals. Moreover, we otherwise humans became a reliable food supply for wolves and reliable hunter partners. By the age passes, humans started to domesticate other animals for other purposes, such as, source of food, transportation services, to make them pet animal, for their fur, for scientific research and also for the show. While cows, pigs, chicken, sheep, goat and bees are domesticated for food source, bulls, donkeys, horses and camels are domesticated for transportation services. Moreover, dogs, cats, mice, fishes, frogs, snakes, turtles and many species of birds are domesticated for being petted. Also,…

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