The Nature Of A Significant Contemporary Event Essay

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Its All in the Planning - Hannah Warburton

Part A: Outline the nature of a significant contemporary event:
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Part B: Explain and evaluate the planning and decision making involved in the event:

Traffic Management: The Forrest Graperide is located at Forest Winery, Blicks road in Renwick. This is because there is a large space for all riders and supporters to be able to park as it is expected that parking space needs to be able to fit over 1500 vehicles. In the Forest Graper Ride event booklet, which every competitor is given, a plan of which way to come to the event is suggested depending on the routes that the competitors and/or supporters will be taking. For Example: “If you are coming from Blenheim down Old Renwick Road, then you should consider turning right into Pak Lims Road and then turn left into Foxes Island Road. This will have you parked in the biggest parking area near Forest Wines which is right next to SH6.” This is purely done by the event organisers in order to insure that traffic is managed to their best ability and build-up is avoided to a large extent. There are approximately 30 parking marshals used in this event. Although Pete Halligan has said that riders are encouraged to bike to the race as a warmup, most of the people that we interviewed at the registration day said they will get to the event by car. This is proven from the pie chart that says only 22% of the people cycled to the event and 76% drove their car. The proposal of…

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