The Natural Recreational Areas Of Public Parks Essays

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United States is the country with the highest proportion of various amusement parks in the world. Almost every state has its own park with roller coasters and a water park, are many historical and cultural sites in the territory of which are located a small theme parks. On the other hand there are many natural recreational areas that offers a different form of visitors satisfaction - National Parks. Both of those areas attract massive numbers of tourists and have a lot of coming and different sides. Let’s begin with National Parks. They are are not just monuments of nature and landscapes of incredible beauty, but also wonderful places for recreation and tourism. Today, there are about 400 of these unique nature reserves, where you can find amazing natural sites and various representatives of the extraordinary wildlife. They all have their own striking original culture, their beauty can be described indefinitely. Each national park is the pride of the country and definitely worth it to see it with own eyes. Most of the information about parks can be found online at and Those web resources helping tourists to choose a destination of their interest and prepare for their trip. Tourists spend their holidays in the parks, travel, practice sports and just relax in the lap of nature. To do this, the parks are laid roads, the use of which is controlled by the federal government. In areas of "untouched territory" forbidden road trip. The…

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