The Natural Law Theory Is Not Acceptable Or Not? Essay

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Natural Law In this essay, I will talk about what the natural law is and what the moral verdict would the natural law have the problem of poverty and hunger. I will discuss whether or not poverty and hunger are morally acceptable or not according to the Natural law theory. I believe that if a person is in poverty that humans should help out. But is in the view of the natural law theory it is survival of the fittest in our world. First, I would like to start out by explaining what the natural law theory is. The natural law theory is the normative ethical view that says that actions are right if and only if they are natural, and wrong if and only if they are unnatural; people are good to the extent that they fulfill their true nature, bad insofar as they do not (Landau, 77). The way I see the natural law theory is that people are given what they need to be successful in life. It is up to the person to decide whether or not they will want to use those tools to have what most people view as a good life. “People are good to the extent that they fulfill their true nature, and insofar as they do not.” This is what the author of The Fundamentals of Ethics Russ Landau is trying to say. He says, that there are good or bad consequences for one’s actions and how these consequences turn out shows the extent of the person’s true nature. In other words, if they do bad things they are truly bad and if they do good things surely they are truly good. But how does that apply to…

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