Essay about The Natural Human Learning Process

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Learning has the power to transform all of us. We have the opportunity to shape and

mold our minds into learning whatever we desire. It wasn’t until my first semester of college that

I learned what the six stages of learning are and how our emotions affect our learning. Emotion

is the on and off switch for learning. It’s important for us to understand this process and how we

learn biologically. Understanding how we learn can be the key to reaching our full potential and

being successful no matter what we do in life.

The Natural Human Learning Process was founded by Rita Smilkstein. According to

Smilkstein’s theory, we all go through six stages of learning. The first stage is motivation.

Motivation is the force or influence that acts on or within us, initiating and directing our

behavior. During this stage we could be intrigued by an activity. We are observing, watching,

and being curious. Maybe we desire to learn it because it inspires us or it looks fun. Sometimes

the circumstances are different and we have no choice but to learn. The five other

stages still follow. The second stage is called beginning practice. This is when we start practicing

for the first time. During the second stage is all we have right now is basic knowledge. We have

this drive to improve so we practice constantly despite consistently making mistakes. In this

stage we learn from our mistakes so we can further improve and achieve a level of success. Stage

three is…

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