The Natural Gas ( Lng ) Essay

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As of 2013, various Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) companies have applied to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to establish an LNG refinery and export center in Brownsville, Texas. Throughout the process, several citizens – as well as business entities and city councils, have voiced their opposition or support of the facility.

Statement of the Problem
Inadequate representation The FERC is responsible for providing public hearing meeting for each new facility application received, of which 10 different LNG companies applied to build a distribution center in Brownsville, TX. However, the FERC did not hold a meeting for each application, but rather grouped the sessions into three meetings spread across various locations. As a result, less individuals were able to attend and therefore voice their views to the FERC.
Unequal burden distribution
The main LNG company, RGVLNG – subsidiary of Annova, LNG – petitioned a 10-year tax exemption. As a result, citizens of Brownsville and neighboring citizens, and possibly Mexican citizens across the border, must shoulder marine and atmospheric pollution. In addition, the facility expects to export LNG via large trucks, which shall undoubtedly wear down road infrastructure like any other industry liable to public taxes.

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The $20 billion construction project will require thousands of construction personnel. It is implied the Rio Grande…

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