The Natural Cycle Of Life And Death Essay

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In E.B. White’s novel Charlotte’s Web, he uses the natural cycle of life and death to highlight his belief that life is cyclical and not fair, so instead of living in fear of death on should enjoy life’s small pleasures. White uses Wilbur’s life span and his interaction with other characters to showcase the fear and joys of living. When Wilbur is born as the runt of the family, he is chosen to be slaughtered, so from the get go Wilbur’s life is shrouded by death. Life and death are already in contestation, but Fern steps in and stops his father from killing Wilbur. Fern questions Mr. Arble by asking, “‘It’s unfair...The pig couldn 't help being born small, could it? If I had been very small at birth, would you have killed me?’” (White 3). Fern blatantly points out the unfairness of life as Wilbur did not choose to be the runt, and she argues that he should be given a chance of life since it was never his fault. Life coincides with sadness and happiness, and White uses Fern’s innocence to pinpoint the issue that life is unfair, but everyone has a chance of happiness. Because of Fern, Wilbur now has a sense of significance, and he goes on to make friends, but once again is faced with death. When Farmer Zuckerman decides to kill him, Wilbur can only cry and whine about his imminent death. White reinforces the life never goes the way you plan but it keeps on moving, so instead of whining, Charlotte makes Wilbur keep living. Charlotte tells Wilbur that “‘We’re born, we live a…

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