The Natural Causes Of Climate Change Essay example

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Imagine having summer all year long, being under the sweltering heat, breathing the stuffy, sick air, and conditions worsening as the day goes by. These harsh conditions are increased by air pollution and climate change through cars and factories; man-made inventions. These innovative technologies have been necessary in order to have a functioning and developing society and economy. However, the belief that humans are the sole cause of climate change is refuted by scientists, advocating that the change in the Earth’s climate is a natural cause. Earth formed over about 4.5 billion years ago, and it has changed ever since then. Earth is ever-changing through natural disasters; which scientists would presume that it would be the primary reason for the global climate change. Although many scientists may have legitimate reasons on the natural causes of climate change, in today’s modern society, people are dependent on the inventions and technology that are built. Consequently, the technologies and materials that people rely on are destroying the Earth slowly.
There is logical reasoning behind why scientists are claiming climate change is a natural cause. Climate change has been happening long before humans. However, the changes are minimal. Earth has been through many stages of global warming and cooling by natural causes. The variations in the Earth’s orbit can fluctuate how warm or cold the temperature can get. The closer the Earth is to the sun, the warmer the climate…

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