The Native Americans Essay

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The Source Analyzed is the speech Chief Joseph gave to Americans to explain why he fought and to give American a chance to determine if Indians are men or just savages. This speech was meant to give Americans, at that time, the opportunity to see things from the point of view of the Native Americans. He begins the speech by giving a list of laws his people were taught, these law included: treating all men equal, never to break a bargain first, to never lie. He even talks about the Great Spirit, seeing and hearing all and he gives every man a spirit home according to their behavior in life; good men get good homes and bad men get bad ones. This belief is very similar to the idea of heaven and hell for Americans. However, these laws are not just brought up for the fun of it, he talks about them because these are all things that relate to how the Americans behaved towards the Native Americans. Many treaties with Native American tribes were broken by Americans, they obviously did not treat Natives equally and many lied about the actions Natives took. This source gives a great perspective of how this was for Native Americans but not very much insight on the Americans way of thinking since, of course, Chief Joseph could only see things through the point of view of Native Americans, his tribe to be more specific. This means he did not know the Americans true intentions when they came to settle on the western lands and was left to speculate. He says that Americans, in the…

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