The Nations Of The Russian Federation And Lithuania Essay

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Methodology: Case Selection Considering the background of Democratization, I chose the nations of the Russian Federation & Lithuania for a number of reasons. For one, both Russia and Lithuania were members of the Soviet Union until it was disbanded in 1991. Russia obviously a larger member, and Lithuania a smaller Baltic State. Both countries had similar origins but went in different directions toward democracy, ending up in vastly different situations. All of this being said, Russia and Lithuania are in very close proximity to each other geographically and thus have similar cultural situations.
While both countries were previously members of the Soviet Union, Russia has had many problems that were related to or involved its connection and employment of communism in the present day. As many of the countries of the world have had negative experiences when it comes to communism, the current leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is not an encouraging figure in the hopes of moving towards democracy. After the fall of the Soviet Union, there were hopes that Russia would follow the modernization theory and move towards democratization. They many not necessarily have, but it can be claimed the Lithuania has. While Russia officially identifies as a democracy, it in action has more of a competitive authoritarian government. Lithuania currently has a much better reputation than its counterpart.

Methodology: Measurement of Variables The dependent variable of democratization will be…

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