Essay on The National Veteran 's Cemetery And Village Park Memorial

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The National Veteran’s Cemetery and Village Park Memorial consist of characteristics shaped by cultural meaning and societal constructs; in addition, both sites connect historical communities to their past. Established in 1889, The National Veteran’s Cemetery is home to over 86,000 war veterans and honor recipients; it is a part of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. Similarly, the Pierce Brothers Westwood Cemetery (Village Memorial Park) was established in 1905 and is home to a multiplicity of the entertainment industry’s greatest stars. Essentially, The Veteran’s Cemetery and The Pierce Brothers Cemetery both signify cultural meaning through social differences, geometry, and cultural landscape. These cemeteries depict contemporary American culture as one that ranks social status on a hierarchical scale. Additionally, these cultural elements represent changing significance of the American culture because the concepts establish and impact future transformation of American culture. The cultural viewpoints of the philosopher, Clifford Geertz, are reflected in the landscapes of these prominent cemeteries. Furthermore, these cemeteries communicate cultural meaning through these specific concepts to symbolize and highlight their vital American and Los Angeles culture disparities.
Both National Veteran’s Cemetery and Pierce Brothers Cemetery exhibit geographic social differences. Initially, the National Veteran’s Cemetery features a neat and trim order of…

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